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College and Career Readiness - Start Early!

Senior To Do List

  • Fall
    • Retake ACTs (October 27 or December 8)
    • Visit with college reps when they visit school
    • Visit colleges
    • Apply to colleges (all that you're interested in attending, not just one)
    • File FAFSA (opens October 1 - some colleges have financial aid priority deadlines of December 1)
    • Start looking and applying for scholarships (most local ones will come out shortly after the New Year, but some colleges have December 1 deadlines)
    • Apply for college housing (usually under the Campus Life tab)
  • Spring
    • Apply for scholarships!!!
    • Complete and submit paperwork for financial assistance such as loans, grants, etc. (you do not have to take out all of the loans that have been offered to you - you can reduce or refuse them)
    • Sign up for a summer orientation session at the college you'll be attending
    • Let colleges that you have been accepted to but will not be attending know of your plans (contact their admissions office)


  • Explore colleges - look online, visit with reps when they visit school, visit colleges, go to college fairs
  • Explore different major options - look at programs of study at different colleges, take a variety of classes, take interest inventories, job shadow
  • Prepare for the ACTs (start studying now and test in the spring - February 9, April 13, June 8, and July 13)

Freshmen and Sophomores

  • It's all about exploring your different career options - work, military, college!
  • Take a variety of classes
  • Get involved in different extracurricular activities and volunteer experiences (Silver Cord hours!)
  • Start looking at different careers/majors
  • Start looking at the option of college classes if you are not already taking them
  • Work hard and keep your grades up - GPA matters!!!

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