When one's life without knowing is affected by their birth dates and mobile numbers.

I can tell you the story behind your numbers.

Have you heard?

  A person’s career suddenly gone downhill?

  An establish company can even close down?

  A rich man can become a bankrupt?

  A person who works very hard but earn disproportionate income?

  A person who treats everyone as a friend became his Backstabbers?

  A person who continuously get sick and have multiple operations and surgery?

  A beautiful lady can suddenly become ugly or become younger and more beautiful?

  A person who never gets into a good marriage and always end up with the wrong partner, divorce or being single?

Have you heard?

  About Numerology?

  Numbers can reveal a lot about a person’s past, present & future?

  Birth Dates (most accurate)

  •            But what if you don’t have?

  •             Are you able to get at least one’s mobile phone number?

Success breakthroughs

Handphone number analysis

See numbers differently

Solution: Why Mobile Numbers?

We are surrounded by Numbers.

From our birth certificate, IC, marriage certificate, driving license, house address, deeds and to even death certificate?

Is it true we use our mobile phone all the time?

Before we go to bed?

When we wake up?

We even use the mobile phone as an alarm clock!

When we are in the bathroom, commuting, eating, and in a social environment?

Young people use, old people also use. Almost everybody carries a mobile phone.

Do you use your mobile phone more often these days for all kinds of payment or even banking? Very soon even if you have cash, you may not be able to purchase an item but only with a mobile phone! We can leave home without a wallet but we cannot leave your home without a mobile phone!

We even use our mobile phone for Trace Together during the height of the Covid situation.

By far the number that has the biggest Impact on our lives is our Mobile Number. It is also the cheapest and quickest way and hassle free to change mobile number.

Over 10 years of study of over 70,000 mobile numbers 

reveal to us a…scary secret!


Your mobile number has a Direct Impact on your 

Earnings, Career, Marriage & Relationships


We adopt a scientific and statistical approach to numbers.

There has nothing to do with superstition or religion.  I can assure you there is also no religious component.

Analysis of mobile numbers, cuts across all ages, races, religions, countries, and continents.


The mobile numbers are customized to each individual Birth Date/Time or Bazi. It is also customized to the specific goals that you like to achieve or overcome.



Some may feel it may be difficult to change the number they have been using for so many numbers. But do you realise most people are using WhatsApp and WeChat as a form of communication rather than phone call/SMS?


With a few simple steps, all your contacts are informed immediately. You do not need to call everyone in your contact list.


You do not need to terminate your existing telco contract. You simple need to port your new number to your existing contract.


Exploring other Options?

I often tell my friends we can change number ourselves or look for cheaper alternatives.


We can save in terms of money but, what we may have lost, is TIME. That is what not many of us have.


When you don't have the right results, we need more money and time to get it right.


Worst thing to happen:

To ignore, walk away and think it will go away. Instead. Adjust our mindset to ask How can we AFFORD it!


Most People will be in the exact same place next year as they are today.

Don’t be most people.


1. I am a Business Owner. I first learn about Mobile Number Numerology through Dennis’ advertisement on Facebook and conducted by Teacher Nancy Li. Her analysis was spot on. I was convinced so I changed my mobile number and the mobile number to all my employees from different departments. Each of them gets a customise number according to their roles and functions. Ever since, my business has gone from strength to strength and recently, we won a large contract from an MNC…. Wendy, Business Owner.

2. It is very challenging to deal with some restrictions and a high demand for property viewings during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's great that Dennis taught me a strategy to efficiently select the prospects to view the unit first just from their mobile number, resulting in successful property closings. I highly recommend you learn these skills from Dennis. Learning these unorthodox new skills, and gaining an edge in sales, is indeed valuable for any salesperson.  …. JC, Real Estate Salesman.

3. I have been advertising my property for sale for quite some time but somehow nobody has responded to my ad. I consulted Dennis and he told me that my pricing has no wealth attracting numbers in it and recommend that I revised my pricing. After revising my price, I received an enquiry and viola, my property was sold. 

Pricing is a crucial factor in selling real estate, but having the right attracting numbers is even more important as it can significantly impact the time it takes to find a buyer…. KDH, Assoc Div Dir, Real Estate Agency.

4. Encountering a potential client as a sales professional can be quite daunting. However, by arming ourselves with thorough preparation and an optimistic attitude, we can enhance the likelihood of a fruitful engagement. I often wonder about the nature of the prospect – are they warm and approachable, or perhaps more reserved and serious? How should I tailor my approach to suit their individual personality traits? Fortunately, Dennis' expertise in deciphering valuable insights from a simple mobile number proves invaluable in equipping me for each sales encounter. Gillian K, Financial Advisor.

5. I had a history of bad health and from a preview, I learned that it could be due to my mobile number. I decided to change my mobile number. I start to experience positive changes in my health, energy, and sales after changing my mobile number. So much so I convinced my team members to change as well. I am so happy as a Team, we did very well. 

While changing a mobile number itself may not typically result in such improvements, it's possible that this change was a catalyst for me and my team to make other positive changes in our lives or work strategies. Sometimes, a change like this may lead to better results, Jeff C , Division Director, Real Estate Agency.

6. In 2022, I am glad that I met Dennis who analysed my mobile number and gave me the insight to change my mobile number which is related to my bazi. I was in a difficult situation whether to decide to stay on a fixed salary job or take the leap of faith to join the unknown of the real estate industry. After knowing myself in-depth, I chose the path of unknown to join the real estate industry. Within 6 months into my career, I had my breakthrough. I realized my first achievement, met many benefactors and a good mentor. 

Thank you, Dennis, for analysing my mobile number and giving me valuable insight as well. 

Aloysius ERA, Co-founder of Sanctuary Room

7.      Through mobile numbers, Dennis taught me how to know about my prospect's character n personality before meeting them. 

Then there are some friends that likes to talk to me about investments.

With this knowledge, it helps me in my decision making.

Diana K

You can’t go back but you can start now and change the beginning.

Modules are broken down and spread over 6 Live Zoom meetings over 45 mins each.

Lifetime support vis WhatsApp.

Fitting your schedule. Study at your own convenient time and pace.

Numerology Whisperer Course:

1. Know your own life path & missing number so you know what are your strengths and weaknesses?

2.Leverage and collaborate with the right people to achieve your goals?

3.Know how to read a person’s character and personality even before you meet them, just from their mobile number?

4.Device a strategy to speak and handle individual prospects?

5.Prospecting and narrowing down quickly the prospects you should follow up or follow up more closely that are most likely to convert?

6.Stop following up on prospects that leads you in circles thereby giving you more time to focus on the right customers?

7.Have this knowledge to connect with people easily through their curiosity and serve as a good conversation starter?

Everything being Equal.

Besides skills, this may be the Edge you have over the next

best salesperson!


Your edge, your secret weapon,

you didn’t know you have!

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