About us

As an SEG Student Chapter, SEG Wavelets at University of Houston represent a group of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in geophysics and exploration. By providing opportunities for leadership, achievement, and the cultivation of ideas, SEG Wavelets opens the door for students to actively participate in projects and initiatives that promote the science of geophysics.

Founded in 1980, SEG Wavelets continuously strives to provide the NSM-EAS department as well as the community with meaningful opportunities in geophysical education by regularly hosting seminars featuring faculty and industry professionals, short courses/workshops, happy hour socials with other student organizations and industry companies, field trips, community outreach activities, and by providing students and faculty with an outlet to present their research.

In 2018, SEG Wavelets was recognized by SEG as a Summit-Level organization for our outstanding engagement where we ranked 1st in the United States for "Best SEG Student Chapter" and 3rd world-wide.

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