Please contact Dr. Cheung for any of the following outreach activities you may want to have for your students. Since the year of 2009, Dr. Cheung's outreach program impacted over 400 young people in the Houston area.

1. Arrange science field trips and laboratory tours at UH for grade-school students.

2. Visit elementary, middle and high schools, and local museums. Motivate young people as well as the general public to learn science and mathematics. Perform fun and exciting science demonstrations using everyday materials.

3. Collaborate with teacher preparation program for in-service science teachers from the elementary schools

4. Summer Institute and Professional Development Classes for high-school teachers (Physics STEP)

Please read a news release about the STEP Physics Program

5. Dr. Cheung is an Outreach Director as well as a Senior Investigator of the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics (CTBP) at Rice University. She is in charge of the Frontiers in Science (FIS) Program that oversees the FIS Summer Research Internships as well as the FIS Seminar Series. The FIS Summer Research Internship is an opportunity for UH and HCC undergraduate students who can participate in multidisciplinary research at CTBP. The faculty members, postdoctoral scholars and graduate students at CTBP will present informal talks about their research in layperson's terms at UH/HCC for the undergraduate students. There will be an Q&A session after the presentation where the speakers can share their career aspirations and the experiences in graduate schools with the undergraduate students.

6. Dr. Cheung also serves as a faculty member for several training programs of the Gulf Coast Consortia at the Texas Medical Center for biomedical research.