After completing the rennovation from an Opti-Mechanical Spitz 1024 system to a fully digital SSIA DigitalSky Dark Matter system, the North Penn Planetairum is proud to reopen to the public. Please check out the updated Planetarium Schedule page to see our programming schedule for the 2022-2023 school year.

Welcome to the North Penn Planetarium!

The North Penn Planetarium is located at North Penn High School in Lansdale, PA. The main purpose of the planetarium is to educated the students of the North Penn School district in the field of astronomy. However, it also serve the community as a whole by offering programs open to the public and private groups by request.

The planetarium has a 30 foot dome and seats a maximum of 57 people. It is powered by a SSIA DigitalSky DarkMatter system that utilizes a Barco F80 Laser Projector and a fish-eye lens to produce 2.4k fulldome images.

If you have any questions about the planetarium contact James P. Bauman, who is serving in his twelfth year as planetarium director. You can contact Mr. B by email at or phone at 215-853-1263.