In case you missed the announcement by the European Southern Observatory today, 5/12/22, here is the first image of the super massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Only the second visual image every recorded for a super massive black hole. Read more about it here:


North Penn Planetarium 2022


I wanted to share with you some exciting news concerning the North Penn Planetarium. Before I do, I must first give some backstory on the planetarium. Installed in 1971 when the North Penn High School first opened the planetarium gave students a unique experience as they were able to journey through the stars.

The original planetarium was in place until 2003, when a major renovation occurred to bring in a computer controlled system. The new system allowed for the creation of automated programs that brought a new experience of traveling to distant planets, while being guided along by narration and powerpoint slideshows.

However, this current system is aging to the point that malfunctioning components can no longer be repaired or replaced.

As a result I am pleased to announce that the North Penn School District, with assistance from the North Penn School District Educational Foundation, has approved the installation of a fulldome digital laser projection system in May 2022!

Once installed, attendees will be able to explore a virtual 3-D model of the universe and everything contained within. Not only can we travel to other planets, but we will be able to explore them as if we were actually there. We will not be limited to objects in our solar system. Using data observed by organizations around the world, we will be able to model solar systems that are not our own and explore objects that are light years away!

Unfortunately, the installation process will require that the planetarium stop all programming in April so that we can prepare for the installation process. All currently scheduled programs after April 6, 2022 will be canceled for this year. I am sad that this has to happen, but the new system will allow for the current programming in the planetarium to expand. So be on the lookout for exciting new programs in the future!

I can’t wait to see everyone back in the NEW North Penn Planetarium!


Mr. B

James Bauman

Planetarium Director

North Penn Planetarium


Welcome to the North Penn Planetarium!

The North Penn Planetarium is located at North Penn High School in Lansdale, PA. The main purpose of the planetarium is to educated the students of the North Penn School district in the field of astronomy. However, it also serve the community as a whole by offering programs open to the public and private groups by request.

The planetarium has a 30 foot dome and seats a maximum of 57 people. It is powered by a Spitz 1024 Opti-mechanical system controlled by an ATM-4 computer. This system also utilizes DVD players, a PC, a CRT projector and a LCD projector for multimedia presentations.

If you have any questions about the planetarium contact James P. Bauman, who is serving in his tenth year as planetarium director. You can contact Mr. B by email at or phone at 215-853-1263.