School Improvement

District's Mission Statement

The mission of the Neligh-Oakdale School District is to provide an environment where all students will acquire the skills to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in a diverse, technologically changing global society.

Continuous Improvement Plan

According to Rule 10, in order to remain accredited, a school must have a Continuous Improvement Plan in place. The focus of a school improvement plan is implementing the plan, creating the profile, setting the goals, and planning to improve. Part of the process includes a periodic review by educational visitors to provide feedback on the process. A plan is then set back in place to continue accomplishing plans and goals.

Every student, every day!

AQuESTT provides six tenets for enhancing the education system. Those six tenets, which are broken down into two categories, are:

Success, Access, and Support

1. Positive Partnerships, Relationships, and Success

2. Transitions

3. Educational Opportunities and Access

Teaching, Learning, and Serving

4. College, Career, and Civic Ready

5. Assessment

6. Educator Effectiveness

Education leaders work with Cognia to set priorities, identify resources, and track progress of improvement efforts for their institutions.

Schools of all types and sizes from across the globe work with Cognia to achieve the recognition they deserve through accreditation and STEM certification. Cognia addresses the unique requirements for public and private schools and systems, STEM schools, education corporations, and early learning, post-secondary, special purpose, and digital learning institutions.

Continuous Improvement Plan Team Members

Mr. Ron Beacom - Director of Education

Mr. Ben Dempsey - High School Principal

Mrs. Mary Schrader - Elementary Principal

Mrs. April Knust - High School Counselor

Mr. Ethan Larson - High School Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Landon Bloedorn - High School Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. Meghan Jacob - High School Math Teacher

Mrs. Kristen Evans - High School Computer and Technology Teacher

Mrs. Becky Kerkman - Elementary Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Laura Larsen - 1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Kristen Storm - 1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Ashleigh Olson - 5th Grade Teacher