NPS Aspen Login HERE

If you have any questions or problems accessing the portal, please send an email to: 

New! Emergency Contact Updates and Annual Permissions are completed online in your Aspen Family Portal Account

One parent/guardian per student should log into Aspen to complete the Online Returning Student Registration.   VIDEO

🖅  📩Viewing Published Reports (IEPs, Progress Reports, Report Cards, etc)      

Handout         VIDEO (how to translate Video HERE)     Blank Report Cards with Translations

View Published reports in "Full Site" mode. 

NOTE ON REPORT NAMESThe year on the report name in Aspen is the last time we updated the physical report. When you open the PDF it will show you the school year of the report card or progress report. The (year) helps us keep track of how many updates we make to these reports and when we make them.  

All Parents/Guardians, with an email address in Aspen, are given an Aspen Family Portal account. 

Students in grades 6-12 are given an Aspen Student Portal account. Your credentials are emailed to you when the account is created.

(Students can sign off on the handbook and Chromebook agreement in the Aspen Portal)

Registration for Norwood Athletics is done in Aspen.   VIDEO

For information on this, please see the  NPS ATHLETICS WEBSITE