• Stress - Stress is a way that our body responds to the demands made upon us by the environment, our relationships, and our perceptions and interpretations of those demands. We are all affected by stress, react to it in different ways, and can experience both “good” and “bad” stress.

  • Stress can result in academic difficulties, inappropriate behaviors, or health problems.

  • Causes of Stress:
    • School - stress may come from unstructured classrooms, unclear or unreasonable expectations, or fear of failure.

    • Home - stress can occur due to a lack of family routines, overscheduling, prolonged or serious illness, changes in family situation, financial problems, family difficulties or abuse, and unclear or unreasonable expectations.

    • Peer-related - Stress can result from changing school buildings, dealing with bullying, trying to fit in with peer groups, or moving to a new community.