Rubik's Cube Club

Club advisor: Mrs. Bridges

Welcome to the Rubik's Cube Club at Norton Middle School!

May 2022 - our largest mural to date!

Level99 commissioned the Rubik's Cube club to create Willie Wonka. It took 1190 cubes and barely fit on TWO stands!

They will reassemble the mural into a permanent display at their Natick location!

Our first mural of 2021 - Nurse Trish!

Jerry Remy 1952-2021

Red Sox! 2021

New Orleans Saints - 2021

Sunflower - 2022.

A collaboration of club members & STEM students.


Rubik's Cubing Club Permission Slip

Our first mural! Officer Robichaud - 2020


"The Cube" - Created by Shaun and Cooper - 2 avid cubers NHS graduates - class of 2020.