NSPS Educator Technology Toolbox

Leverage the tools we have to help your students succeed!

Use the pages of this website to explore how to use the extensions and Google Tools our district provides teachers and students.  These tools are powerful.  When used strategically in your teaching, these tools can help students increase their ability to access content, show what they know, and join in the collaborative processes that are so important to learning.  I have focused on the tools we subscribe to as a district with training needs indicated by teachers in my teacher surveys.

Strive for balance in your implementation of technology in your classroom.  We are a successful district with a rich history of effective teaching and learning.  Technology's role is to supplement, not replace our well-established educational practices and beliefs.  Take a moment to watch the video below for an entertaining reminder of why it is so important that we continue to value many of the skills and competencies technology can sometimes be used to replace.  


EdPuzzle District Premium Subscription! 

NSPS now has an EdPuzzle District Premium Subscription.

Teachers and students will still be able to create screen recordings, cut and edit them, but we will use EdPuzzle to do it going forward.  EdPuzzle adds the  additional functionality of inserting questions into a video so that when it is viewed, the questions have to be answered in order to continue the video.  A great formative assessment!