World Languages Department

North Rockland Central School District

World Languages

Fieldstone Middle School

North Rockland High School

Grades 7 through 12

Global and New York State

World Languages


A World Language?

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Mission Statement

Language is our connection to the rest of the world and it is essential that we promote and encourage the study of the world's languages in today's global society. 

The ability to communicate effectively enhances students' social, intellectual, political, and economic opportunities. 

World language programs foster an appreciation for and an interest in world cultures, making students more open-minded and tolerant individuals. 

After participation in our language program, students will be able to:

effectively interact with speakers in the target language by communicating in everyday situations. 

understand the spoken and written target language. 

appreciate and respect the cultural aspects of the target language. 

use knowledge acquired in the target language in interdisciplinary learning experiences and in other life experiences.