Mr. Bevan Moore's Materials

Mr. Moore's Contact Information

Room: 228

Email: Phone: 239-1641x2228

Welcome to the website repository of materials for the classes of Mr. Bevan Moore, social studies teacher at North Haven High School. Mr. Moore teaches 7th-12th grade Future Problem Solving, 10th grade Humanities, 11th and 12th grade Philosophy, and 12th grade Civics and is the high school and district facilitator for the Creative Learning Program. The materials found on this website are meant to supplement the in-school activities of his classes.

There are some additional resources available on this website that may be helpful to students and parents. On other pages, you will find calendars with upcoming assignments and activities. These calendars are subscribe-able. Please take time to explore the resources available on this website. (Calendars are currently not up-to-date due to uncertainty regarding what the 2020-2021 school year will entail.)

Early days information:

For students: You may take the "Rules and Expectations" self-quiz by clicking here. This quiz will be your first "Test and Quiz" grade. You may re-take the quiz as many times as you like. All students must receive at least an 85% to demonstrate mastery of the Rules and Expectations.

For parents/guardians: You may indicate that you have read the "Rules and Expectations" packet by clicking here. By completing this form, parents and/or guardians can indicate that they have read and understood the rules and expectations for Mr. Moore's classes for their students.