Paper 2 Section A

Britain: Heath and the people c1000-present day

Retrieval Practice

Retrieval practice

The Retrieval Checklist Card outlines the content required for each unit along with the text book and revision guide pages you can use to help you to revise.

However just reading through text is not enough (Read+), you must process it in some way. You can do this by using a suggested task from the Revision Task Matrix

Once you are happy with each section you can complete an online Quiz. Each quiz asks a series of content questions you are required to know for the exam.

You can complete the quiz as many times as you like as part of your revision programme.

Revision Videos

Part One: Medicine Stands Still

1) Medieval Medicine

2) Why did Medicine stand still?

3) The Black Death

4) Medieval Surgery

Part Two: Beginnings of Change

5) Renaissance Medicine

6) Andreas Vesalius

7) William Harvey

8) Ambroise Pare

9) The Great Plague

10) Edward Jenner

11) John Hunter

Part Three: A Revolution in Medicine

12) Louis Pasteur

13) Robert Koch

14) Magic Bullets

15) Black period of Surgery

16) Simpson and Chloroform

17) Semmelwiess and infection

18) Joseph Lister and Carbolic Acid

19) Surgery Review

20) Edwin Chandwick

21) John Snow and Cholera

22) Bazalgette and the Great Stink

23) Public Health Acts

Part Four: Modern Medicine

24) Fleming and Penicillin

25) Florey and Chain

26) Medicine in WW1

27) Modern Medicine Summary

28) Rowntree and Booth

29) Liberal Welfare Reforms

30) NHS

31) Individuals in Medicine

Exam Skills

Factors in Medicine

Revision Materials

Knowledge Organiser

Part One: Medicine Stands Still

Knowledge Organiser

Part Two: Beginnings of Change

Knowledge Organiser

Part Three: A Revolution in Medicine

Knowledge Organiser

Part Four: Modern Medicine

Medicine QR code flashcards.pptx

Health and the People QR Code Flashcards

Exam Skill Videos: Paper 2 Section A

Grab a Grade 5 - how useful question.pptx

Q1) How Useful (AO3)

Grab a Grade 5 - Significance.pptx

Q2) Significance (AO1&AO2)

Grab a Grade 5 - Comparison question.pptx

Q3) Comparison Question (AO1&AO2)

Grab a Grade 5 - Explanation of factors Question.pptx

Q4) Evaluation of factors (AO1&AO2)