Paper 1 Section B

Conflict and tension: the inter-war years 1918-39

Retrieval Practice

Retrieval practice

The Retrieval Checklist Card outlines the content required for each unit along with the text book and revision guide pages you can use to help you to revise.

However just reading through text is not enough (Read+), you must process it in some way. You can do this by using a suggested task from the Revision Task Matrix

Once you are happy with each section you can complete an online Quiz. Each quiz asks a series of content questions you are required to know for the exam.

You can complete the quiz as many times as you like as part of your revision programme.

Revision Videos

Exam Skill Videos: Paper 1 Section B

Grab a Grade 5 - how do you know source question.pptx

Q1) Source Analysis (AO3)

Grab a Grade 5 - how useful question.pptx

Q2) How useful (AO3)

Grab a Grade 5 - Narrative Writing question.pptx

Q3) Narrative Writing (AO1&AO2)

Grab a Grade 5 - How far do you agree Question.pptx

Q4) How far do you agree? (AO1&AO2)