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Other Information from the Nurse's Office...

Please remember, students are NOT ALLOWED to bring any medication to school, prescription or over-the-counter. This includes creams and ointments. Also, all medication brought to school MUST be in a new, unopened package. If it is a prescription, it must have the child's name on it.

Many classrooms are "nut-safe." This means that if your child is in a class that is nut-safe, please do not send any snacks containing nuts or labeled as being processed in a facility that also processes nuts/peanuts, etc.

Cough drops are not allowed in school, even with a parent note.

Students do go outside for recess daily, unless it is 20 degrees or less (including wind chill). Please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately (coats, hat, gloves/mittens, socks) and wearing appropriate shoes/boots.

Please remember to be mindful of your child's footwear. If sandals, flip flops, or sneakers break students will need to call home for a new pair of shoes, they usually cannot be repaired in school. Make sure they are sturdy and safe before wearing.

Please send in all necessary medication forms. If your child requires medication in school there is a form to be completed and signed by you and the doctor/nurse practitioner. The medication must be brought in by an adult in a new, unopened package with the child's name on it. Students CAN NOT bring any medication to school in their backpack.

What's Going on Now:

  • The State of Connecticut requires a health assessment and immunization update for all 6th grade students. Please return the completed form to the nurse’s office by April 1, 2019.
  • Also, please remember that all medication must be picked-up by an adult by the end of the school day on Friday, June 15th, 2018 (1pm). Any medication remaining after that date will be discarded. Students cannot take medication home.

Please contact the nurse’s office for any questions.

  • Also, if your child will be participating in any sport at NBIS, they must have a physical on file that has been performed within the last 13 months. The following forms must also be completed and handed in prior to participation:
  1. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Info Form
  2. Sports Physical Form (Health Assessment Record/”blue form”) - as mentioned above
  3. Parent’s Permission Form for Athletics
  4. Concussion Consent Form

All forms are available on the school’s (NBIS) website under the “athletics” tab.

Mrs. Roxanne Hindinger-School Nurse (NBIS)

Mr. Ralph Shaw-Athletic Director (NBIS)