Welcome to Social Studies at James Giles School!

Happy Election Day! Thank you for all of your votes for my Farmers Insurance grant to bring the 7th and 8th grade students to The Skokie, IL Holocaust Museum! We will find out in early December if we are among the winners!

Thank you to everyone who voted in today's election! Please talk to your kids about the importance of voting! It will be their turn to vote soon, and instilling the voting value in them is an important gift!

Please Vote!!!

I am in the running for a grant through the generous "Thank a Teacher" program offered by Farmers Insurance! Please vote for my grant to help bring the Giles School 7th and 8th Graders to the Holocaust Museum in Skokie, IL. The museum offers students an invaluable learning opportunity! Please use the link below to find our Giles school grant under my name. You can vote once a day!


Also, be sure to vote in the November 6th election! Modeling good civic behavior by voting is such a great example for your children. Consider taking them along to get them interested and used to voting when their turn comes!

Thank you!

Ellen Zywiciel

Students should have a current event topic chosen for the week of 9/17! We have been talking about topic ideas for the past 3 weeks in class. Events should have occurred during student's life time to be considered current events for our purposes. Check out our CURRENT EVENTS Google Classroom for a list of ideas and some good articles written for middle school students about current events.

Google Classroom code: h4zd7x

I am looking forward to this exciting year of learning in fifth through eighth grade social studies. This year, the social studies format has changed. I will meet with each class for a full block one time a week and push into English/Language Arts classes for special projects. I'm looking forward to a wonderful year of learning social studies at Giles!

My weekly schedule...

  • Monday: Push into ELA classes to work on collaborative projects.
  • Tuesday: Meet with all students in fifth grade.
  • Wednesday: Meet with all students in sixth grade.
  • Thursday: Meet with all students in seventh grade.
  • Friday: Meet with all students in eighth grade.

Contact me via e-mail with any questions!