Welcome to Social Studies at James Giles School!

Students should have a current event topic chosen for the week of 9/17! We have been talking about topic ideas for the past 3 weeks in class. Events should have occurred during student's life time to be considered current events for our purposes. Check out our CURRENT EVENTS Google Classroom for a list of ideas and some good articles written for middle school students about current events.

Google Classroom code: h4zd7x

I am looking forward to this exciting year of learning in fifth through eighth grade social studies. This year, the social studies format has changed. I will meet with each class for a full block one time a week and push into English/Language Arts classes for special projects. I'm looking forward to a wonderful year of learning social studies at Giles!

My weekly schedule...

  • Monday: Push into ELA classes to work on collaborative projects.
  • Tuesday: Meet with all students in fifth grade.
  • Wednesday: Meet with all students in sixth grade.
  • Thursday: Meet with all students in seventh grade.
  • Friday: Meet with all students in eighth grade.

Contact me via e-mail with any questions!