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Clemens, Michelle (Principal)

Marsh, Sheldon (Assistant Principal)


Russell, Nicole ( on leave)


Bishop, Melissa

Crane-Pearcey, Susan

Goodland, Suzanne

Rose, Patricia (English Dept. Head)

Sullivan, Cindy

White, Greg

French/French Immersion

Flynn, Lynette

Furey, Suzette


Halley, Laura (Guidance)


Barron, Doug

Fitzgerald, Brian

Peddle, Heather (Math Dept. Head)

Snook, Ken


Carroll, Sean

Physical Education

Barbour, Glenn

Carroll, Pat


Button, Clar

Furey, Dave

Park, Murray (Science Dept. Head)

Pearson, Jane

Power, Brian

Power, Joanne

Social Studies

Jones , Brad

Kennedy, Jill

Rockett, Jacqueline

Student Support Services

Anderson, George

Burke, Joanne

Goodland, Lori

Hickman, Jim

Ryan, Melanie

Stead, Megan

Technology/Family Studies

Lundrigan, Rod (Technology Dept. Head)

Rice-Parsons, Donna

Santos, Joe

Office Administration

Glenda Lawrence (Secretary)

Meshell Wight (Secretary) or

Student Assistants

Colbert, Dave

Hearn, Susan

Bev Bailey

Joan Halleran

Marguerite Walsh

Charmaine Halleran

Support Staff

Hawkins, Glen (Custodian)

Melay, Gerry

Philpott, Elva