Tech. Ed. 8

In Grade 8, our focus is on Control Technology. In this module we explore:

  • What is control technology?
  • Computer Programming basics including algorithms, structures, and psuedocode
  • Coding in the Scratch environment
    • Getting familiar
    • A program from scratch (pardon the pun!)
    • Build your own program
  • If time allows, we maybe will work with some hardware such as Spheros or Microbits

In addition all assignments are handed out, handed in, graded, and returned in Google Classroom. Students can access Google Classroom by going to and logging in using their NLESD Google Account. If a parents would like to request access to our Google classroom they can do so by emailing me at Make sure you give me your childs name and what homeroom they are in. Note: I can only give parents access through the email address they have registered with the school.

Below is the official Course Descriptor from NLESD with the grading scheme. Note: Times may be adjusted to reflect the actual amount of time given to the course within a school and not the suggested times given by the Department of Education.

Control Technology 8 2018-2019