Student Expectations

At school

Your behaviour while at the school, in the classroom, on the bus, or at any school sponsored activity should be in line with the Code of Conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook, available on the school's website.

Class time

Please come to class prepared with your textbook, binder, loose leaf, pencil and eraser (or pen if you're brave), and other necessary items depending on the unit we are on (math set, calculator, etc.). I also expect you to bring your heads with you, so be prepared to do some math!

Welcome work

Welcome work is a question that is on the board as you enter the classroom. You're expected to complete the welcome work for each day as you arrive in the classroom. The first 5-10 minutes of each period will be allotted for this. You will need an exercise book for welcome work that you will leave in the classroom.

Classwork/Homework policy

From time to time homework will be assigned, but most of the time, the homework will be what you did not finish during class time. Homework completion will be verified regularly. Remember homework isn't about getting the work all correct, it's about getting practice so that you can get better grades on your tests.


There are assignments on occasion. There will be enough time to complete the assignment before the due date. Please submit assignments on or before the due date so that I can correct and return the assignments to the class in a reasonable amount of time. If you require an extension, you must see me (or e-mail me) before the due date (and not the night before) so that we can discuss it. If you need help or guidance on the assignment, COME AND SEE ME! I don't expect you to be stuck on an assignment the whole way though.

Late submissions

Consequences for unexcused late assignment submissions will be in line with the school and district's policies. This could include a (partially or fully) forfeited part of the grade allocated for on-time submission.

Quizzes, tests, exams

The school has an outlined policy on evaluations. I will follow this policy and will do my best to be reasonable about quiz and test dates. Exam dates are scheduled by the school.

Missed evaluations

If at all possible (i.e. if you know you'll be away), please see me (or e-mail me) before the scheduled quiz or test date so that we can arrange an alternative time to write the test. This includes vacations, medical appointments, and any other scheduled absences. If you miss an evaluation without prior arrangements, you will be expected to write the evaluation upon your return, so be ready to write it then.

Missed class

Please come see me before you go to band or any other school activity during class time, otherwise you may be marked absent unexcused in the attendance.

If you do miss class and some work, it is your responsibility to catch up and complete all classwork, homework and assignments. Some strategies to catch up are:

    • Ask a classmate
    • Check this website - homework is posted here and on the school's homework page. Most documents are available here or on the math department page as you need it.
    • Come see me - If I can't help you right away, we will schedule a time either during lunch or after school where we can get you caught up


    • Show up to class prepared: you're not new to school, you should have school supplies and know how to sit attentively in class.
    • Notify me in advance: you're a young adult, it is your responsibility to give me a heads up if you're going to be absent or late and you know ahead of time.
    • Missing a quiz or test means you will be writing it when you get back: be prepared.