About the teacher

Mr. Jordan Elliott

(Photo of Mr. Elliott)

Hi Everyone!

This is my first year as a St. Peter's Viper and I am excited to be a part of the already vibrant school community.

My background is in Pure Mathematics, Physical Sciences, French, and Technology. I have been a teacher for 3 years and I have enjoyed it thoroughly thus far.

Previous to teaching at St. Peter's, I taught Adult Basic Education (high school level) Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at Keyin College and was also a substitute across the Northeast Avalon where I taught a little bit of everything, but mostly French Immersion Math and Science. During my internship, I taught junior high Science and Math.

In school, I was not a French immersion student; I took core French! The key to getting better at a language (like most things) is practice. Learning a language in school will set you up with vocabulary, grammar rules, and sentence structure, but spending time with native speakers or in a milieu where people speak the language is how you become fluent. There are more experiences beyond the classroom to look forward to and if you want to become fluent in your second (or third) language, it all starts with putting in an honest effort in school, no matter how difficult it seems... it gets easier!

I'm also a student at Memorial University where I am studying for a Master's of Education in Educational Technology. This program has taught me about many new ways of integrating technology into our classroom to make our learning environment better for everyone.

At home, I have a wife, Melissa, and a little yorkie named Rocky.