Next oem plushies

April 10, 2019

After the XL size unicorns, the next plan is L size Rarity and Rainbow Dash. The price will be $250 because the cost up. The good news is we update the pattern. You will get the plush which looks as photo, not the short leg version like past. This is the first time we push out RR and RD but we don't know when is the next time if you miss it.

Commission plan

January 10, 2019

Due to the current too many commissions in progress. I plan to stop receiving new orders after February. And after the completion of the current entrustment. I plan to make the list won't over five. The commission rule will also change when it open again. I might catch less commission and try some new plush challenge.

Shipping date of unicorns

January 10, 2019

The friend who ordered the unicorn plush has waited a long time. According to foundry, plush is expected to be sent in February. Let's look forward to it.

By the way, next plush might be the L size RD, RR and XL size TS or Poniko.