Medlin Choir

Welcome to Choir!

We believe that students' lives can be enriched through choral music and that every child with a positive attitude and a good work ethic will benefit greatly as a member of the Medlin Choir. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Medlin Choir is to provide experiences in basic vocal production techniques, part-singing, and expression through music, all while building a strong sense of community. We achieve this through our curriculum and enhance it through performances, competitions, and social events.


Choir Fee Scholarship

Choir fees vary by choir level but all fees are used to cover the cost of the choir t-shirts, formal uniform rental, materials, transportation, contest fees, and social costs. You can pay this fee through the NISD Web Store. The choir fees have been applied to your student's account. Reach out to Emily Fry, head director, if you need assistance.  If you are in need of a scholarship for the choir fee complete the short application linked below.  Contact your director if you need help with this process.  

Choir Handbook

The Medlin Choir Program has a handbook that houses all of the information about our program. This resource is a great place to learn about how our program functions and our expectations of students and their families. We encourage you to read it and our other important documents like class schedules and "Need to Know" sheets by clicking the link below!

Private Voice Lessons

We encourage all Medlin Choir students to extend their musical knowledge and opportunities by taking private voice lessons. Voice lessons are taught on a weekly basis during your student's choir class and cost $20.00 per lesson. 

Monthly Choir Newsletters

Each month, we send out a ParentSquare Choir Newsletter that outlines upcoming concerts, rehearsals, social events, and more! We also share important choir news and photos/videos from our events and activities.