James Logan High School Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is a peer-based support service available to any Logan student seeking academic help, primarily in mathematics and science courses offered at Logan. If you are seeking help in one or more classes, or would like to offer your services as a mentor to a fellow student, please read all the information below before proceeding to the application pages for mentors and mentees.

Watch the Logan Live Segment on the Mentoring Program

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What is Mentoring?

All students inherently possess the ability to achieve academic success. For some, learning is intuitive and comes with ease AND enjoyment, while for others it can be a struggle that is characterized by setbacks, resentment, and negative experiences, making success seem unachievable. One potential key to achieving academic success is having a mentor - someone who provides assistance, encouragement, and support on a regular basis.

How does it work? Once a student requests help by completing a mentee application, a mentor is paired with the mentee, and after an initial meeting to get to know each other and arrange when they will meet, they commit to meeting at least twice a week for 30 to 60 minutes to address what the mentee needs help with: going over concepts, answering questions about homework, reviewing for quizzes and exams, and discussing effective study and work habits.


For mentoring to work, both mentor and mentee must be mutually committed to a single goal: improving the mentee's success. When this happens, there can be substantial improvement in the mentee's confidence and academic performance; furthermore, the relationship between mentor and mentee has the potential to foster a level of respect, appreciation, and friendship between two individuals who might otherwise never cross paths!


Once a mentorship is established, mentors and mentees can meet in person and/or virtually. If meeting in person, mentors and mentees should find a reliable space (classroom, library, coffee shop, etc) where they can work without distraction. If meeting virtually, mentors are required to use a reliable platform, preferably with video/audio and screen sharing, and meet at a time that is convenient for both. Virtual meetings, initiated by the mentor, will be recorded and shared with the mentoring coordinator as evidence for mentors to earn community service. Mentors are required to email their meeting schedule (days/times and locations) to the mentoring coordinator as soon as it is known, along with the links to a Google Drive folder with recordings of virtual meetings AND their active mentoring log(s).

If you are interested in requesting the help of a mentor or becoming a mentor to provide academic help, use the links below to submit an application. NOTE: Students are welcome to submit both applications!