College Connections/ Logan Early College 

What is the Logan Early College Cohort?

Logan Early College (formerly called College Connections) is a unique partnership between NHUSD and Ohlone Community College. 

The Logan Early College Cohort gives high school Seniors and Juniors the opportunity to complete their high school education while taking Ohlone classes.

Early College Cohort students take three high school classes at James Logan High School in the morning and college classes of their choice in the afternoon or evening. This gives students the opportunity to get a head start on college and learn to navigate a college environment.

Sample Early College Cohort Student Schedule

Early College Cohort Benefits


January 2024-February 2024: Accepting Applications from Students

April 2023: Receive Acceptance Letters & Permission Forms

May 2023: Register for Ohlone Classes

August 2023: Classes Begin!

First class of graduating College Connection students posing in front of Logan! They designed and created their own stoles to wear during graduation. 


The first step in joining the Early College Cohort is to apply to the Early College Cohort Program at Logan. Please attend our information sessions and discuss the program with your parents/guardians, as you will need their permission to apply. We strongly recommend you read through all information on this website as well, especially the FAQs in the lefthand sidebar. 

If you receive an acceptance letter, you will then need to complete the following steps. We hope to notify all applicants about their status by April 1st. You will need assistance with each of these steps, so please attend the Application and Orientation Meetings so we can give you all the details. 

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Early College Cohort Staff

Margo Fenzl (Program Lead/English Teacher) James Logan HS, room 60

Carlos Sutton (Social Studies Teacher)               James Logan HS, rm 105

Renee Dutra (College Connections Counselor)                 James Logan Counseling Ctr