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Geographic, political, social, economic, and cultural information around the world.
A premier periodical resource providing millions of articles from over 17,000 scholarly journals and other authoritative sources.
Designed specifically for academic institutions, provides full-text and peer-reviewed journals.
Authoritative periodical content that spans the industry—from practical aspects of farming to cutting-edge scientific research in horticulture.
View the greatest events in world history with photographs, audio sound bites, video, and graphics, for over 185 years.
Discover the most accurate, authoritative and up-to-date service and repair information for thousands of domestic and imported vehicles.
Discover fiction and non-fiction books that match your interests! Books and Authors (powered by Gale's popular What Do I Read Next? series) is for readers from every level of reading proficiency
Provides full-text coverage of all business disciplines including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management and strategy.
Find full-text articles and statistical data about companies and industries for business owners, marketing professionals, investors, and students.
More than 400 journals on all aspects of the communications field, including advertising, public relations, linguistics, and literature .
Discover biographical and bibliographical information on more than 160,000 of today's most influential authors.
Informs the research process for those studying law, law enforcement, terrorism, homeland security, forensic science, and more.
Offers more than five million articles from more than 250 major cooking and nutrition magazines, as well as book reference content.
Explores cultural differences, contributions and influences in the global community.
Select from over 16,000 eBooks from the world's leading publishers across all major subject areas.
Articles on economics, interviews with CEO's & entrepreneurs and more.
Access over 1,100 academic journals and ERIC database reports in the field of education.
Resources on Soil, Science, and Management; Introduction to Agronomy; Food, Crops, & Environment; Fundamental Soil Science; and more.
Over 10.4 million articles for serious students of drama, music, art history, and filmmaking.
Explore encyclopedias and specialized reference sources on a variety of topics from history, government, environment, math, and more!
Articles on the practical aspects of gardening , horticulture and more.
Articles on gender studies, relationships & marriage, health and more.
Magazine, news and journal articles on general interest and current topics.
International academic perspectives on global issues.
This comprehensive e-resource draws on the connections between the environment and a variety of disciplines such as agriculture, education, law, health and technology.
Health-focused magazines, reference, video and more.
Articles on architectural techniques, zoning requirements, tools and more.
Articles on the hospitality and tourism fields plus travel guides and more.
Articles on the information and library science profession and more.
Informe Académico proporciona acceso a periódicos y revistas especializadas de lengua española y portuguesa.
Articles on mortgages, labor relations, legal issues and more.
Journals in library science & technology plus books, research reports and proceedings.
Literary content integrates with subject indexing for a full research experience.
Biography, criticism and overviews of writers and specific literary works.
Literary works, biographies, images and more.
Articles on governmental policies, socioeconomic effects on war, and more.
Regional, national and world newspapers.
Articles on direct patient care, health administration and more.
Continuously updated information and opinions on controversial issues.
PA government resources designed to find careers and review job openings.
Physical therapy treatment techniques and experimental research covering the fields of fitness and sports.
Articles on personality, the human mind, memory and more.
Resources that present multiple sides of an issue.
Access to scholarly journals and magazines that both analyze and contribute to popular culture.
Provides access to the most searched magazines across the Gale InfoTrac products .
Access to many free databases and book loans.
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Articles on world religions, philosophy and related fields.
Researchers can remain current with the latest scientific developments in particle physics, advanced mathematics, nanotechnology, geology, and hundreds of other areas.
Hundreds of full text science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, and other reliable sources.
Offers assistance in providing routine maintenance (tune-ups, brake service) as well as extensive repairs such as engine and transmission disassembly.
This e-resource for teachers provides indexing and abstracts for 280 peer-reviewed journals.
Academic articles, videos, primary documents, and more on the topic of US History.
Articles on job searching, building a career, and more.
Articles on war and its causes, current events, terrorism, and more.
Balanced coverage of events in world history and scholarly work being established in the field.