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The NHSD COVID-19 Historical Collection

Dear Students,

This period in which we are going through seems as though it will never end. The future is full of uncertainty. I imagine you're wondering, When will I be back to school again? or Will I be walking on my new college campus come this August? And When will I be able to gather with all of my friends again?

As hard as it is to imagine, this difficult time will indeed pass and will become a deeply rooted thing - far more than just a memory - but an experience, an awareness, a landmark which will forever alter the way you view your life and the world. Future generations will ask you, what was life like during the 2020 virus pandemic? How might you answer that question?

To that end, I’m asking you to share your journals, your documents, your letters, your photos, and any other media which might help future New Hope-Solebury students understand what this period of time feels like. Your “donations” will become part of our high school library archive and will only be shared among future New Hope-Solebury classes, much like the archives which we have now which document the wars and struggles which Americans have endured through time.

Here are some ideas to help you with this process:

Document how this pandemic is personally affecting your lifestyle:

  • Are you working at a job?

  • What is your online learning like?

  • Do you know anyone who has become ill from COVID-19?

  • How has this affected the way your family gets food and necessities?

Document how you fill your time:

  • How do you connect with your friends?

  • Have you started any new hobbies or routines?

  • Are there certain songs, movies, TV shows which are keeping you entertained?

Write about your consumption and reactions to news updates:

  • How are you keeping up with the news? Social media, TV, Online news sites?

  • What are your thoughts about the government’s handling of the pandemic?

  • Will this experience change your involvement or interest in world issues?

See this NYTimes photo & journal collection for more inspiration.

PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOURSELVES/YOUR FAMILY AT RISK IN ORDER TO OBTAIN PICTURES OR VIDEOS! Photographs & videos should be obtained in your home neighborhood or only if you/your family are out on an essential errand while practicing safe social distancing. They should be pictures YOU have taken of OUR New Hope-Solbeury community specifically.

I will be reviewing all submissions and will archive the material which is deemed appropriate and relevant to the mission of documenting the COVID-19 pandemic for the New Hope-Solebury community.

When you are ready to submit your material, please fill out this form.

Stay safe!

Mrs. Schwander

Tips for Creating a Personal Archive

Save your text messages:

Save your emails & letters.

Download TikTok's, Instagrams, Snapchats, Tweets and other relevant posts.

Create an album (digital or print) of photos and videos.

Keep a journal.