As we review a strong vision of teaching and learning for Newtown Public Schools, we must reflect on the strengths that make our school community a special place for students, staff, and families. According to our District Strategic Plan, "...each individual is unique and has value." Our purpose is to establish a collaborative culture of care that embodies trust. It trusts the expertise of the school community - teachers, administrators, and families - to support the unique needs of ALL students, keep them safe, review relevant information to make strategic decisions, and let nothing get in the way of the work to be accomplished.

A strong administrative team, staff, and parent community can make this vision a reality. Partnerships with families, parent groups, and staff are necessary for supporting positive change.

Newtown Public school Strategic plan


The mission of the Newtown Public Schools, a partnership of students, families, educators and community, is to INSPIRE EACH STUDENT TO EXCEL in attaining and applying the knowledge, skills and attributes that lead to personal success while becoming a contributing member of a dynamic global community.

We accomplish this by creating an unparalleled learning environment characterized by · High expectations · Quality instruction · Continuous improvement · Civic responsibility


We believe that. . .

  • Each individual is unique and has value.
  • Everyone can and will learn well.
  • It takes effort and persistence to achieve one’s full potential.
  • High expectations inspire higher levels of performance.
  • Honesty, integrity, respect, and open communication build trust.
  • Quality education expands the opportunities for individuals and is vital to the success of the entire community.
  • Educating children is a shared responsibility of the entire community.
  • Family is a critical influence in each individual’s development.
  • Understanding all forms of diversity is essential for sustaining a democratic society.
  • All individuals are responsible for their behavior and choices.
  • Educated and involved citizens are essential for sustaining a democratic society.
  • Everyone has the responsibility to contribute to the greater good of the community.
  • Continuous improvement requires the courage to change.

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