Theory of action

The stronger our framework is for building a quality educational system....teaching and learning in our schools will improve.

If we believe that all leaders are part of a collaborative team that promotes a vision for teaching and learning connected to the goals of the district; then leaders should build practices, systems, and professional development opportunities to support staff.

If we believe in a high-quality educational system for all, then leaders will employ data systems and consistent accountability measures to monitor student progress and employ innovative instructional strategies to raise student achievement.

If we believe that student performance is influenced by innovative instructional practices, then leaders must ensure multiple academic pathways and authentic assessments are in place to prepare students for college and career.

If we believe that the school system operates with a clear and consistent vision for continuous improvement, then leaders strategically align curricular, instructional, and technological resources that will enhance student learning and performance.

If we believe that school culture is integral to learning, then leaders will remain committed to a collaborative culture of care that provides a safe, inclusive, and personalized learning environment for all students.