Hello Google!

Newton Public Schools now uses Gmail, Google Groups, Shared Drives, Calendars and Sites to replace applications previously used in FirstClass.

What is G Suite and what are we currently using in Newton?

G Suite is an integrated suite of secure, cloud-native collaboration and productivity apps to help educators and students create, collaborate, and communicate. Some examples of apps that staff and students currently use include: Drive, Calendar, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, and Sites.

Why did we switch from FirstClass email to Gmail?

FirstClass is an older, outdated email system. In addition, our FirstClass servers are passing their functionality. Gmail allows Newton Public Schools employees to fully integrate with other G Suite applications (Drive, Calendar, etc.) that the majority of faculty and staff already use through their NPS Google accounts.

Did you move over all our old FirstClass email to Gmail?

Unfortunately, no. Turning on Gmail for all of the NPS Google accounts is relatively straightforward. If we had to transfer over emails for all users, the process would not only take much longer and would be exponentially more difficult. We will leave all of your old email right where it is in FirstClass, and you can find it whenever you like. Think of it like moving to a great new house right next to where you live now and not having to pack up all of your old stuff.

Can I access my old emails in FirstClass?

FirstClass emails are now view only. You are not able to send or receive emails within FirstClass, but can review old FirstClass messages.

Where can I find other information that was stored in FirstClass?

  • Google Groups will replace FirstClass Conferences
  • Google Contacts will replace FirstClass Contacts
  • Google Calendar will replace FirstClass Calendar
  • Google Sites will replace FirstClass websites
  • Google Drive will replace personal files stored in FirstClass
  • Google Shared Drive will replace shared files and information stored in FirstClass conference folders.

What can I find support?

To address the wide range of needs and comfort levels with G Suite applications, Newton Public Schools faculty and staff will have access to several different types of support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FAQ page (on this site) will give you quick answers to the most commonly asked questions about our switch to Gmail, Google Groups, Google Shared Drive, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Google Sites.

How-to Guides

Google has a number of How-to Guides that illustrate basic functions of Gmail, Google Groups, Google Shared Drive, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Google Sites.

School-based Technology Support

Instructional Technology Specialists are in your building and can offer support and guidance.