Newton Middle School Math 

Welcome NPS students and families!

The Newton Public Schools uses The Desmos Math Curriculum as our middle school math program.  Take a look around to see some of the general curriculum information and extension opportunities offered to students.   

Families! I recommend that you watch this "what is math" video.  It will give you some ideas on how to help your child with math and an idea if what we are trying to accomplish in math classes in the Newton Public Schools. 

Need Math Help?

Desmos Unit Overviews for Families

Click here for the Desmos Unit Family Resources Guides which have an overview of the big ideas in the unit, practice problems and solutions.  

Khan Academy 

If you need more help or explanation on a math idea we recommend going to Khan Academy and watching the teaching videos and explanation problems.  Here are links to Khan Academy's Illustrative Math Start Page: 6th Grade , 7th Grade, and 8th Grade.  

Illustrative Math Videos

The Desmos Math Curriculum is built from Illustrative Math and Illustrative Math has created videos that explain the math ideas that students are learning about this year.  Check them out by grade level and unit here:  6th Grade, 7th Grade and 8th Grade

Looking for Challenge or More Math?  

Schoology Problems of the Month

You have come to the right place!  For students looking for more to do we recommend Newton's Problems of the Month course.  Each month we post fun and challenging problems that relate to what you have recently studied.  We have a course for each grade level and you can find those courses in Schoology.  Here are the codes: 

6th Grade - Schoology Course Code: HB9C-T6S2-S6JFW

7th Grade Schoology Course Code: H4C5-DCKF-Q7PVT

8th Grade Schoology Course: P8ZH-3G5C-QBJJ8

Parallelograms & Parallel Circles offer additional math instruction and rich problems. See the links below:

Parallel Circles  -Free live online math sessions/classes with mathematician Simon Singh. 

Parallelograms - Weekly math challenges. Join our Newton course with course code 0zdvu9 at

Try some of the math games - they don't require much in order to play! 

Last to Zero Break 25 & Tiny Math GamesTraffic Light5 by 5 SequenciumNim Games 

Online Games & Puzzles

Go to our giant collection puzzles and online math games at the Puzzles/Problems tab.

Try our courses.   To join a course just click here and pick from Logic, Contest Math, Math Fundamentals, Algebra or Geometry!   Newton students get free Brilliant access which normally costs about $150 per year.  Brilliant offers independent learning courses on a variety of interesting STEM subjects.  

Problems of the Week and Puzzles 

Check out the POWS at University of Waterloo for all grade levels.  Math Counts POW .   Math Pickle - interesting and challenging puzzles and problems.  Last but not least Wild Maths .