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***Welcome to 3rd grade and Lenape!!***

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Our Daily Schedule 

          A day     PE   (sneakers)

B day     1-Music/ 2-Library  

                       (Return/Renew Book)

C day PE  (sneakers)

D day Art

E day PE

        F day Music

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Speech with Mrs. Cramer              OT with Mrs.             PT with Ms. Gregory

                 Reading with Ms. Anderson           Reading with Ms. McIlwee

Math with Mrs. Favale          Music with Mrs. Faure           Art with Ms. Profaci                 PE with CoachVeeder/Defino

                Spanish with Senora                        Library with Ms. LisSimmons                               

                                          Counseling  (coming soon!)

Mr. Longbotham

Rooms 105

3rd Grade Lenape Elementary School

Email:       jlongbotham@newpaltz.k12.ny.us

Phone @ Lenape:  (845) 256-4300