Library Resources- NHS Book Catalog

  • Print resources: Over 9,000 Books, 10 Magazine Subscriptions and The State Newspaper, The Observer
  • Electronic: eBooks and audiobooks; DISCUS access.
  • Direct link to LearningExpress Library test prep for SAT and ACT.
  • Equipment: Printer (black and white) - no copier

Library Information

How many books can be checked out at a time?

  • 4 Books, without library fees
  • Student with fees can get books from our "fine" shelf without late book penalties or take any free books we have available.
  • Please see Mrs. Bouknight for any questions about fees and learn how you can earn a NHS library fee credit!

What are the library's procedures for visitors?

  • Visits during the school day require passes.
  • During class - A written pass is required.
  • ID is required to come in the library.
  • All visiting students from classes must sign in to the computer upon arrival. Failure to do so can result in a student being sent back.
  • After checking in at the desk and showing a pass, students are to SIGN IN. There is a computer available for you to sign in on.

Where can I sit in the library?

  • No more than three people at a table.
  • WITH CLASSES: sit in the designated area chosen by the teacher and/or library staff.

Can I use the computers?

  • Check with the library staff for assigned computers. You will have to check out a computer card at the desk first.

Can I have my water bottle in the library?

  • No food or drinks of any kind are allowed in the library.
  • Students who have these items must leave them in the classroom or have them properly stowed away in book bags.
  • Students with food or drink containers that cannot be stowed away will be asked to leave the library and finish the food or drink in the cafeteria.