BAJA* Team

*Backend Application Java APIs (BAJA)

BAJA Team provides effortless integration between Java services and consumers, with resiliency built-in!

Our Work

Netflix blazed the path to the cloud, then paved a road, and with it came a modern microservice architecture. As soon as a system is split into distinct units, IPC and API management are driven to the forefront of platform needs. Failure is inevitable, so we provide latency-based load balancing, concurrency limits, retries, hedging, observability, fallbacks, and testing failed services as out-of-the-box features. From driving cutting edge REST technologies, to achieving millisecond latency gRPC, we enable JVM developers to focus on entertaining the world instead of reinventing the wheel.

Team Charter

BAJA Charter

On the Horizon

For all IPC types, we are focused on enabling teams to move as quickly and independently as possible. This includes shifting our resiliencey capabilities into sidecars, sharing more features with the OSS community, and delivering a stunning experience for our development teams!

The Team

Manager: Phillipa Avery

Team Manager

William Bowen

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