JIF* Team

*Java Integration Framework (JIF)

The Java Integration Framework (JIF) Team provides our Java engineers with conventions, abstractions and all the necessary runtime integration with the Netflix infrastructure for a consistent developer experience. We deliver a composable toolkit based on Spring Framework and Spring Boot for all sorts of applications, from REST or gRPC services to offline Java based tasks and functions.

OUR work

Having thousands of Java applications running at Netflix, it is critical for the team to target developer experience excellence. With the help of Spring Framework, we commoditize all the usual services needs from Security to Observability, Resiliency, with REST, gRPC and other transports. We also guide developers practices and maintain a broad knowledge of a distributed system architecture.

We ship abstractions and APIs with Spring Boot starters, allowing backend services to compose features they depend on to build and run.

What's NEXT

Contributing some of our progress and innovations at Netflix back to the OSS community has always been on our radar. In the past, the Netflix OSS Java stack has been a driving force in the JVM community that fostered mainstream adoption of the "Microservices Architecture". 

The Team

Manager: Phillipa Avery

Team Manager

Jessie Jacobs

Blogs and Presentations

The Golden Path to SpringOne: How Netflix Really Uses Java Today with Paul Bakker

The Netflix Domain Graph Service framework - OSS GraphQL for Spring Boot by Paul Bakker