Diversity, Equity,Inclusion, & Belonging in the Needham Public Schools


As a Needham Public Schools Community  we are commited to ensuring a safe, welcoming, inclusive and equitable learning experience for all students, their families, and our faculty.  Recognizing that we all enter this work with different perspectives, understandings, and lived experiences, our goal is to offer information, resources, and learning opportunities geared towards deepening understanding and strengthening  practice no matter where you are on your journey towards becoming a culturally responsive, antiracist, and anti-biased member of our school community.  Most importantly, we honor and celebrate our collective power as educators and community members  to enact change and hope that this website can also serve as a growing professional learning community with opportunities for individuals to contribute their ideas, resources, and expertise. 


Message for Website: Moving Towards Inclusive Excellence 11-25-20