State Festival Practices

Connecticut Drama Association - website

  • 1-hour total. 15-minute set up; 40-minute run; 5-minute strike;
  • No technical rehearsals. The host school runs the lights.
  • 3 adjudicators; private adjudication with cast/crew and 2 reps from other schools; immediately after performance in another room.

Maine Drama Council - website

  • 5-minute setup, 35-40 minutes run, 5-minute strike;
  • 55-minute technical rehearsal
  • No public critique; Rubric from principals’ association;
  • After every block of shows adjudicators meet for 20 minutes with the school who presented and all directors.
  • A Maine Principals Association rep tallies the score.

Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild - website

  • 5-minute set up, 40-minute run, 5-minute strike;
  • 1 hr. tech rehearsal
  • 2 judges at prelims and semifinals, 3 at finals. Consultant at each festival.
  • Each judge types critique on a computer;
  • Every director gets a copy of every show’s critiques.
  • Shows are ranked after each show. Rankings are not revealed to directors.
  • Justification sheet is completed by judges at end.

New Hampshire Educational Theatre Guild - website

  • 5-minute set up, 40-minute run, 5-minute strike;
  • 35-minute tech rehearsal minimum.
  • 2 adjudicators at regionals, 3 at states. Consultant at each festival.
  • Public Critique: After each performance, adjudicators address student choices for 10 minutes in the audience.
  • Forums: Students meet in randomly grouped forums of about 20 at end of each block of 2 or 3 shows for a 10 minute discussion of each show.
  • Simultaneously, adjudicators address director choices for 10-minute per show in a directors' forum.
  • Each director receives a comment sheet with commendations and recommendations from each adjudicator.
  • Adjudicators use order-of-preference charts to select shows to move on.

Rhode Island Theater Education Association

  • 1 hour for everything
  • 1 hour tech rehearsal
  • 2 adjudicators at regionals, 3 at finals. Consultant at each festival.
  • After each performance, adjudicators talk to audience, 10 minutes total per show.
  • Adjudicators write critique sheets.
  • Directors meet with adjudicators for a 10-minute critique of each show.
  • Use of rubric that determines the top 5 schools, then select the top three.

Vermont Drama Council - website

  • 1 hour for everything,
  • 45-minute tech rehearsal
  • 3 adjudicators for states and directors also vote.
  • Students have one big forum while directors meet with adjudicators for critique sessions.
  • 19 votes are cast - 10 from directors, 9 from adjudicators.
  • Awards: each school submits list of awards to the consultant for final awards.