Renting PHS Facilities

The Payson High School facilities and campus are not only a public institute of learning, they are also a community resource. Many groups, both school sponsored groups and outside groups, utilize our first-class facilities for various activities. Priority for reserving/renting school venues is as follows:

PHS has also been used in film making. Click HERE to view our profile on the Utah Film Commission website.

Scheduling Windows

In order to facilitate the orderly prioritization of reserving and/or renting an area of our school, we have created several reservation windows for various kinds of groups. 

*Note: Sometimes Payson High events need to be re-scheduled. In these cases PHS events always take precedence over others. This means that other pre-scheduled events by outside groups may need to be bumped or moved. We do our very best to accommodate all, but some flexibility may be required on the renter’s part if this happens. Remember, PHS events take priority.

General Rental Information

The rental fee varies depending on two factors: 1) which facility you rent, and 2) what category of group you are. For example, the same venue will cost a different amount if you are a governmental organization, a patriotic society (like the Boy Scouts), a charitable or religious organization, or a for-profit business. The Nebo School District policy divides the different kinds of groups into what we call “Classes,” from a Class I to a Class VIII. For a full description of these various categories as well as the rental fee schedule (amount to be charged) for each venue and for each category, see the following link:

Link to District Policy and Rental Fee Schedule

For a brief description of each Classification see below. For a more detailed breakdown, see the full description in the District Policy above

Class I: Nebo School District Use

This is the classification for PHS sponsored events as well as other events from within the Nebo School District organization. The use of Nebo School District facilities under this classification shall be subject to applicable District policies, procedures, rules, and regulations, and may be subject to fees as determined by the school administrator. 

Class II: Interlocal Agreement

This classification applies to city, county, state, or other governmental entities desiring to use School District facilities. Terms, conditions, stipulations, and fees are set forth in a written Interlocal Cooperation Agreement between the School District and the governmental entity.

Class III: School Support Organizations

This classification applies to qualified and formally recognized Student Support Organizations (SSO). An SSO may consist of individuals, groups, entities, or organizations that exist for the primary purpose of benefitting and supporting the District, its schools, and its officially sanctioned school teams, groups, clubs, classes, or student programs. Groups that may qualify as an SSO are Parent Teacher Associations (PTA), external Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO), external booster clubs, and other external support groups. To be recognized as an SSO and fall within this classification for school facility use, the individuals, groups, entities, or organizations must: (a) meet the definition of an SSO; AND (b) provide annually to the District an executed SSO Assurance Document, as described in Nebo School District Policy KAB, PTAs, PTOs, Booster Clubs, and Parent Support Groups. 

Class IV: Non-Sponsored 9th Grade Sport Use

This classification applies to certain ninth (9th) grade sports teams: (a) which sports are recognized and sanctioned by the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA); (b) which sports are not sponsored by Nebo School District in the Junior High Schools; and (c) whose teams are comprised of students enrolled in Nebo School District. Groups associated in this classification are independent of Nebo School District. Sports teams meeting the qualifications in this Class IV are required to meet all terms and conditions of this School Facility Use policy. 

Class V: Instructional/Governmental Use

This classification shall apply to those groups that are organized for instructional or governmental purposes. Such groups could include educational institutions, government entities, political groups, and others whose purpose is to provide information and instruction to the general public. 

Class VI: Patriotic Societies

This classification applies to the Boy Scouts of America and any other youth groups listed in Title 36 of the United States Code as a patriotic society (see Exhibit 3 in the full policy for a complete list), consistent with the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act, 20 U.S.C. § 7905. 

Class VII: Charitable, Civic, Religious, and Private Use

This classification shall apply to private functions and events, such as family reunions, weddings, dinners, holiday celebrations, and other such activities. This classification may also apply to organizations that solicit fees, dues, or contributions from the participants or the public as long as the net proceeds are expended for the welfare of students of the District, for charitable purposes, or for the betterment of the community. These organizations operate primarily on unpaid volunteer help (i.e., charitable, civic, or religious organizations). 

Class VIII: Market Use

This classification shall apply to any individual, group, or activity that either: (a) does not fall within any other classification under the “Class Definitions" or (b) is meant to earn a profit.

Rules and Regulations



Rules and Regulations 

Facility Use Agreement 

A Facility Use Agreement, prepared by and containing such terms and conditions as deemed reasonable and appropriate by the School District, shall be signed between the sponsoring group or individual and the school administrator. A Facility Use Agreement is required for all uses under Classes III, IV, V, VI, and VII in accordance with the following: 

Sponsoring Group / Individual Responsibilities 

No Alteration of Premises 

Sponsoring groups or individuals using school facilities, including a stage or stage equipment, shall not be permitted to remove or displace furniture, equipment, or apparatus, including lights, curtains, and ceiling valance; or change the counterweights system or the switch board, except when under the direct supervision of a designated school employee. Where the stage is to be used, full details of equipment and personnel requested must be furnished in advance with the application. 

General Restrictions 

Note: Any violation of these Rules and Regulations or other school or District policy shall be sufficient for denying further use of school property and facilities to any individual or organization.