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6/10/21 Our collaboration with UW reviewing the rise of the Colorado Plateau and future opportunities for proxy refinement and uplift models was published (open access) in Frontiers in Earth Science!

5/25/21 Our collaboration with >20 labs worldwide on standardizing carbonate clumped isotope measurements and calcite reference materials was published (open access) in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems and highlighted in EOS!

2/1/21 Our work on Cretaceous climate gradients (and ecological pronvincialism) along the Western Interior Basin (in collaboration with NCSU's Drs. Mitasova, Griffith, Gates, and Zanno) was published online in GSA Bulletin!

1/1/21 Encyclopedia of Geology chapter on the geological consequences of climate change (in collaboration with MEAS's Dr. Arendt) is finally in press!

12/16/20 PhD student Rebekah Rhodes presented her work on linking core and outcrop records of the EECO in the Green River Basin at the AGU Fall 2020 Meeting!

12/15/20 PI Ethan Hyland presented his work on developing paleo-Koppen climate zone maps of the Cretaceous at the AGU Fall 2020 Meeting!

10/28/20 Postdoc Landon Burgener presented his work on proxy biases in temperature seasonality estimates at the GSA Fall 2020 Meeting!

6/26/20 MS student Ellie Cardenal successfully defended her thesis, "Exploring the effects of rapid land use changes on the Piedmont landscape using plant microfossils and legacy sediment"!

6/16/20 MS student Ashly Padgett successfully defended her thesis, "Terrestrial paleoclimate and geology during unusual climate states – Utilizing isotope geochemistry across Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg Islands" !

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