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As part of the NIH-funded IPERT MBLEM program at NC State, we are offering our first Enhanced Summer Workshops on Nanopore Sequencing for ten undergraduate students. This two-week residential experience is for undergraduates interested in learning laboratory and bioinformatics skills focusing on the long-read sequencing technologies developed by Oxford Nanopore Technologies. Nanopore offers direct single-molecule sequencing through the use of engineered pores. Changes in current are interpreted by software to determine the genetic sequences. The technology is portable (often hand-held!), accessible to numerous labs and institutions, and quickly expanding. 

PORES logo

PORES: Promoting Open Research Experiences with (long-read) Sequencing. The PORES logo was created with BioRender.com.


To practice, develop, and share protocols to go from sample to data insights with nanopore sequencing.

Come to NC State to learn about this technology and its many applications by practicing and sequencing real samples with other undergraduate scholars.

The program will be held from July 6 - July 20, 2023. Accepted participants will receive travel, housing, and food to participate in the workshops on mentoring, sequencing, and data analyses.

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QR code to go.ncsu.edu/nanopore23

Scan this QR code to visit the online application form.


Application is on Qualtrics and will consist of a personal statement, reference information, and brief responses to 17 questions. 

 Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled. We anticipate supporting ten to twelve undergraduate research scholars in the summer of 2023.