selected Publications

Deriving Quests from Open World Mechanics

Ryan Alexander and Chris Martens

FDG 2017, to appear.


Proceduralist Readings, Procedurally

Chris Martens, Adam Summerville, Michael Mateas, Joseph Osborn, Sarah Harmon, Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Arnav Jhala

In proceedings of EXAG 2016

Generating Abstract Comics

Chris Martens and Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera

In proceedings of ICIDS 2016.


Programming Interactive Worlds with Linear Logic.

Chris Martens, Ph.D. thesis. 2015.

More information.

Ceptre: A Language for Modeling Generative, Interactive Systems.

Chris Martens.

In proceedings of AIIDE 2015.


Generative Story Worlds as Linear Logic Programs.

Chris Martens, João Ferreira, Anne-Gwenn Bosser, and Marc Cavazza.

In proceedings of INT 2014.

Linear Logic Programming for Narrative Generation.

Chris Martens, Anne-Gwenn Bosser, Joao F. Ferreira, and Marc Cavazza.

In proceedings of LPNMR 2013.

LF in LF: Mechanizing the Metatheory of LF in Twelf.

Chris Martens and Karl Crary.

In proceedings of LFMTP 2012.