Cabarrus 4-H Foundation

Mission & Vision

Mission The Cabarrus 4-H Foundation is a group vested in supporting the Cabarrus 4-H program. We provide funds to help defray the monetary costs of participation in approved 4-H projects and activities for all 4-Hers and Volunteer Leaders to help insure the future of the Cabarrus 4-H program. Funding allows 4-H to remain a viable youth program to help develop life skills of Cabarrus County youth. Additionally, we raise funds to sponsor educational scholarships to enable Cabarrus County youth to achieve their higher education aspirations. The board of directors of the Cabarrus 4-H Foundation is a volunteer organization that is responsible for fundraising, fiscal stewardship of Foundation assets and creation of an annual budget for the Cabarrus County 4-H program.

Vision The Cabarrus 4-H Foundation Vision is to provide opportunities to support all youth to participate in our county 4-H program to build Youth Adult Partnerships and learn life skills through citizenship, leadership & community service activities.

4-H Credits

4-H'ers can earn Foundation Credits for participating in certain 4-H activities. These credits accrue until they are used, the youth ages out of 4-H or is inactive in the program for more than 3 consecutive years. To check your account balance, email

4-H credits reimbursement form.pdf


Current Board & officers


Joe Lowe

Vice President

Darren Purser


Amanda Kroll


Leslie Cook

Board Members

Term Expiring 2022

John Shepardson - 4-H Parent

Genie Lowe - 4-H Parent & Volunteer

Katie Cauthen - Local FFA Advisor & Ag Teacher

Term Expiring 2023

Darren Purser - 4-H Parent

Casi Shepardson - 4-H Parent & Volunteer

Sue Hogle - 4-H Parent & Volunteer

Amanda Kroll - Community Volunteer

Term Expiring 2024

Philip McAuley - 4-H Parent & Alumni

Leslie Cook - Cattleman's Association, Local Farmer

Joe Lowe - 4-H Parent

Elizabeth Sullivan - Community Volunteer