Antibodies and Antigens


Our bodies have mechanisms to protect us from foreign invaders.

What do you know about antibodies and antigens? This guided lesson will help you better understand how these molecules interact and why this is important to our health.

This website has the materials you will need to get started in our exploration of antigens and antibodies. To begin, download the handout and start on the Introduction page.

Learning objectives were adapted from Suchman et al. 2018.

  • Describe how antigens and epitopes are related using examples of virus antigens.

  • Explain why some antibodies that do not bind to epitopes are produced.

3D printed models in gray of influenza and coronavirus and 3D printed antibodies in white and blue.

Gray 3D printed influenza virus with different spikes.

Gray influenza and coronavirus 3D printed models and 3D printed antibodies in white and blue. The influenza virus model has different surface spikes.

Blue and white 3D printed antibodies. Light chain is blue and heavy chain is white. The chains come together with magnets.

3D image of antibody protein structure. Subunits are in blue and yellow.

Background information on antibodies.

Learn about antibody and antigen interactions.

Prepare to use the 3D models.

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