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Mrs. Whitney Reed

5th Grade Teacher

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The Code of Common Sense

1. Be Respectful

To people, places, things and ideas.

2. Be Truly Helpful

Helping even when it is not your duty, helping others grow instead of doing things for them.

3. Pay Attention

To yourself, to others, to your work, and to the world around you. Make your curiosity grow!

4. You can always do better!

The wisest people in the world are wise because they know how much they do not yet know. Always keep learning and pushing yourself to do better each day.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that every child has the right to learn, and that learning should be compelling and meaningful. I really do think that every child is brilliant, and I try to teach so that each kid knows that they are smart and have strengths. We do many project based learning programs and I strive to connect the classroom to the real world as much as I can. Anyone can learn anything.

Class Rules

1. Don't Die

Be safe, treat yourself and others with care, don't do anything that might endanger yourself or others.

2. Pay Attention

This is in the code and the rules because it is perhaps the most important of all. If you pay attention to the world around you you will learn faster, understand deeper, and grow to new levels.

3. Be a good person

Be kind, be courteous, act as if everyone is your friend, give others the benefit of the doubt and try to be your best self everyday.