North Colonie Summer Reading

At North Colonie we believe that summer vacation should be a time for all students to cultivate a lifelong love of reading. We want our students to have many opportunities to choose books that they find completely engrossing, and to experience the joy of encountering a wide range of authors whose stories reflect diverse experiences and perspectives. Research tells us that students who are granted choice and access to books over the summer are more prepared for school in the fall. In fact, a study in 2010 concluded that "No matter what children accomplish during the school year, if they don’t read over the summer, their learning stalls or regresses" (Cooper, Borman, & Fairchild, 2010).

In "Reading Is Its Own Reward," reading specialist Donalyn Miller identifies the following factors as essential to helping students to lead an engaging summer reading life:

  • Time to read
  • Access to books
  • Choice in reading material
  • Family and community involvement

To that end, we encourage all of our North Colonie families and students to utilize this website as a resource for recommended titles and interactive reading and writing activities. Please support your children's reading lives by seeking out opportunities to provide the time, access, and choices all students need to become strong readers.

K-12 Suggested Resources