Unofficial results indicate that voters denied the bond referendum for North Caldwell Public Schools. 

Tuesday night's count shows 968 votes opposed and 731 in favor.

That’s according to an unofficial tally at the polls on Tuesday and mail-in ballots received so far. The Essex County Clerk’s Office will continue to count additional mail-in ballots with a timely postmark that are received over the next several days and any provisional ballots deemed valid after that.

The Board of Education thanks all voters for making their voices heard. The Board and administration will consider the referendum’s outcome and gather community feedback before revisiting how to best address our district's needs. 

North Caldwell schools are the hub and pride of the community

The reputation of North Caldwell Public Schools is a primary reason new homeowners choose North Caldwell.

After years of modest enrollment gains, North Caldwell has more recently faced significant increases in enrollment. The number of students currently exceeds the capacity in both Gould and Grandview Schools. As education evolved, the district modified its teaching practices within the confines of existing facilities. Our buildings, their systems and their roofs have all gotten older.

After years of research, the Board of Education plans a special vote of the public on what’s needed now for our schools and what's needed to position the district for the future.

The Board of Education hosted a webinar-style forum about the referendum on Sept. 12, with the opportunity for public Q&A. 

this investment in our schools would: 

For several years, the Board of Education has researched what’s needed now and how the district could be positioned for the future. That process led toward a special vote of the public called a bond referendum that could enable a $51 million plan to address these needs. 

A Bond Referendum on Tuesday, September 26, 2023

With this kind of vote (referendum), the school district seeks permission to borrow money (through the sale of bonds) to finance large-scale projects. Funding projects through a bond referendum offers the advantage of more than $10 million in state aid that North Caldwell could not get through its regular property tax.

Bond funding is an efficient use of borrowing capacity. This up-front funding can be used to meet our district’s growing need for space, upgrade safety and security, complete infrastructure maintenance, and protect against financial inefficiencies. It is a cornerstone of the Board of Education’s long-term strategic planning for new space ready to meet North Caldwell's needs by fall of 2026.

What are the current and future needs?


Space is a high priority for general education classrooms and more specific instructional areas. 

school security

Next-level security and safety requires building alterations.

financial stability

Financial stability and financial efficiency are essential to this focus on the future. 

This Funding Package Relies on Voter Approval

The cost of these improvements is expected to be about $51 million.

Proposed funding would come from three sources:

After the factors of state aid and Capital Reserve, the property tax impact is estimated at $895 per year for a home assessed at the average in North Caldwell. More information is on the Funding page.

North Caldwell schools are the hub and pride of the community