You can help celebrate diversity and culture in a few different ways including:

  • Student Jobs (Classroom or Table Jobs)
  • Students of the Week
  • Student Highlight Flags
  • Take Virtual Field trips (To speak to another culture / country)

Most teachers think you can only have jobs for the table or classroom. Jobs in my classroom:

  • Classroom Helpers
    • Door Holder (Keeps door open for class)
    • Line Leader (Student of the week)
    • Lights person (Electrician)
    • Weather person (Meteorologist) (Helps put correct weather information up daily)
    • Calendar Monitor (Puts up correct date daily)
    • Chair Monitor (Makes sure all chairs are pushed in)
    • Attendance (Mail Person) (Runs attendance and any paperwork to office / other teachers)
    • Supply Monitor (Hands out papers or paperwork to class)
    • Substitute Helper (Fills in for anyone that is missing on Job Chart)
    • Pencil Sharpener (Sharpens all pencils at the end of the class)
    • Sanitary Monitor (Makes sure there is no trash on tables or under desks)
  • Table Jobs
    • Table Paper collector / passer
    • Chair Monitor
    • Attendance checker (Lets teacher know if anyone is missing from their table set)
    • Secretary
    • Spokesperson

Another way to celebrate students culture and diversity is by making ALL students of the week in the class at least once during the year. You can select your student of the week in many ways including:

  • Alphabetically
  • By Birthday
  • By Table
  • By Classroom Jobs