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Advanced Information Literacy Skills for
Science & Applied Science Students

A Tutorial in Seven Lessons
Designed for Students at Northern Arizona University

Actually, you're not quite at the tutorial yet, but you can use the instructions and the link on this page to access it!

Get access to the tutorial:

STEP 1. To access the tutorial, you must be logged in to your NAU Gmail Account (a.k.a. your G Suite account). You may already be logged in! To check, try this link: https://sites.google.com/nau.edu/info-lit-advanced1/lessons. If that link takes you to the tutorial, great! Get started on the tutorial! If you don't see the tutorial when you click that link, go on to step 2.

STEP 2. Open your NAU Gmail Account and then come back to this page and try the link in step 1 again. If you are having trouble with your NAU Gmail Account, then consult the tips below to troubleshoot the problem.

Troubleshoot NAU Gmail access problems:

  • Not sure how to access your NAU Gmail Account? Open a new tab and enter gmail.nau.edu into the address bar. Once you have logged in to your NAU Gmail Account, try the link in step 1 again. You should now have access!!

  • If you can't seem to log in to your NAU Gmail Account then contact the ITS Department's Student Technology Center to sort it out.

  • If you've forgotten the password for your NAU Gmail account, then you will need to re-set it.

NAU Gmail Information for Instructors:

Are you an instructor who needs an NAU Google Account? Use the Faculty/Staff Google Account Request tool. If you need to see the tutorial RIGHT NOW, before you get assigned your Google Account, then email: mary.dejong@nau.edu.