The Barony of Namron Presents


An Italian Beltane Celebration

May 3rd - 5th, 2019

In the medieval Italian town of Assisi, the coming of spring is celebrated on the first day of May in a celebration known as Calendimaggio. For centuries the two sections of the city, "Parte de Sotto" represented by the color red and "Parte de Sopra" represented by the color blue, held a fierce rivalry that often ended in violence. However, this bitter jealousy and fighting was put aside for one day of the year, Calendimaggio, so that all could come together and celebrate the arrival of spring by enjoying music and song, reciting romantic poetry, dancing, friendly competitions, and feasting.

In the spirit of friendly rivalry, we will be dividing into the Parte de Sotto and Parte de Sopra at gate and incorporating it into the day's events.