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Sanitation Standards to maintain the health and safety of our job seekers and staff

  • Upon entering an SC Works Catawba One-Stop Job Center you will have their temperature taken

  • You'll be given a face mask, gloves, and be given an opportunity to sanitize your hands

  • Computer stations have clear solid barriers to help restrict the spread of airborne germs

  • Social distancing is observed

  • Each computer station is sanitized between computer users

  • The entire Center is sanitized at the end of each workday

Your temperature is taken at a no-touch temperature station. You will also be given a mask and gloves.

If a job seeker requires special assistance, s/he need only ask. Accommodations are made for job seekers. Let your front desk know the accommodation that is needed.

Unfortunately due to space concerns, some computer stations are closed to provide an adequate and safe distance between job seekers. Also, clear barriers now surround 3/4 of each computer to provide another layer of protection.

Due to the loss of some computer stations and social distancing, Centers have restrictions on the number of jobs seekers in the Center simultaneously.

Children are not allowed in the Centers at this time, so plan accordingly. All precautions are taken to ensure the safety of everyone.

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